Frequently Asked Questions about GUMS:


How can I guarantee a spot in the school?

In order for your child's spot to be saved, we will need the registration form and deposit.  

The deposit is last month's tuition and the registration fee.

Once my child has a spot, what's next?

You will receive an enrollment packet. This includes all the required forms from Office of Child Care. Be sure to tell us if your child has asthma or any allergies, as there are extra forms for the safety of your child!

COVID-19 Pandemic:

What is GUMS doing to promote a safe and healthy atmosphere?

GUMS will comply with all expectations put in place by MSDE/OCC/CDC. We will be very strict with child illnesses. Families are expected to keep their child home whenever the child is sick. Children, families and staff are not required to wear masks, but may choose to.

If GUMS has to close, do we still pay tuition?

If school must close due to COVID-19 Pandemic or due to inclement weather for a chunk of time (1 week+), the preschool and families will abide by the following expectations: School missed- 0-2 weeks closed: Families will pay 100% tuition. Teachers will connect weekly with families.  >2-8 weeks closed: Families will pay 50% tuition. Teachers will connect weekly with families.  Teachers will also mail out one mailing per week of closing.  School will be extended by one week at the end of the school year .>8 weeks: Families will pay 0% tuition and teachers will not continue necessary work. The board will make a decision on school extension.  

Parent participation and Co-op Inspired Parent Group:

What do you mean by Co-op inspired Parent Group?

Our Co-op Parent Group is designed to keep parents connected to our community, all for a more affordable program, and to aid our school in hospitality, fundraising, and general support.  It is not a "true" co-op where families are responsible for running the school or teaching in the classroom. However, we do have an open-door policy, and parents are always welcome in the classroom!

I'm a busy parent and just don't have time for the co-op piece, is that ok?

The Co-op Group is completely optional!  It is a choice. It seems like about half of the families do the Co-op and the other half do not.  There are other ways parents can participate in the school as well- donate food items for special events, be a "secret reader", and attend field trips.  

When do we find out our Co-op Roles?

You will find out your Co-op Role in late summer. If you haven't heard by the third week in August, please email Mrs. Silcott.

I can no longer fulfill my roles on the Co-op, what do I do?

Please let us know! You may choose to step away from the Co-op altogether and pay the full tuition price. Open communication is key!

Church related questions:

What do you teach my child about religion?

Christian values are intertwined throughout the school day in our practices and in what we teach:

  • Everyone of us is God's Masterpiece

  • Saying sorry and forgiving others is part of being a friend in our classroom

  • God wants us to love others in our community

Age-appropriate and meaningful Christian lessons are taught through songs, crafts, routines, and read alouds, which include:

  • Daily prayer with our children

  • During Christmas time, our children learn that Jesus is the best gift of all.

  • We teach our children at Easter that Jesus loves us.

  • Children attend Chapel every other week where they explore themes of God's love for us, gratitude, forgiveness, and unity.  

Do most of the children go to church at GUMC?

While we do have a handful of children who attend GUMC, the majority of our families are from the surrounding neighborhoods and towns.  

I'm looking for a church, can you tell me more about GUMC?

Yes! Glyndon United Methodist Church is a traditional church and a caring spiritual community in which we challenge and support one another to reach more people with the message of God's love and acceptance through Jesus Christ.

Our Sunday Worship is at 10:00am. Childcare and Sunday School available.



Do you follow BCPS Calendar?

Please see here for our full schedule. We follow our own schedule that is modified from BCPS

What is your inclement weather policy

  • When BCPS is closed due to weather, GUMS is closed too

  • When BCPS closes early due to weather, GUMS remains open  

  • When BCPS has any type of delayed opening due to weather:

    • 2s and 3s classes are closed

    • 4s classes open 2 hours late and have a half day program

  • We do not follow the Hereford Zone

What day does the school year begin?

Our first day of school begins the day after Labor Day.  
During this week, every child will go to school at least once for at least half the day.  
This is a staggered entrance. The second week of school is the first normally scheduled week. 

What's a staggered entrance?

The staggered entrance is used in many kindergartens. It allows for children to ease into the routine and learn teachers and routines with less students in the classroom. It allows teachers to get to know each child right away, so that children feel safe.

Staffing, Licensing, and ratios:

Are you licensed?

We are! We are a letter of compliance, Religious facility.  We are inspected annually. We are proud of and happy to announce that for years running we have been 100% in compliance.

How many children do you accept in each class

We accept up to 10 children in our Twos classes. We accept up to 15 children in all of our Threes and Fours classes. Every class has 2 teachers. 

When will I find out my teachers' names?

A letter from your teachers will come out in early August.  

Do you use a curriculum?

We use an in-school program to guide our lessons and themes. A copy of our Program Overview can be found here. We pride ourselves in our ability to balance and teach age appropriate lessons geared towards the development of the whole child.