Upcoming Events

August 29 at 6 pm: Virtual Back to School night for families-

the whole school will attend a meeting to review procedures, go over the handbook, and COVID-19 procedures.  This will be led by the school’s director.  A link to the google meets will come out in an email and will be listed on this page the day of the meeting.

The link is- https://meet.google.com/fzi-nvov-bsd

GUMS Handbook

COVID-19 Policies

  • Mandator􏰁y mask w􏰂earing by􏰁 every􏰁one 2 and over, including students, staff, and visitors regardless of vaccination

  • 􏰄Limited time in building for parents

  • Spacing and cleaning in the classroom

  • Frequent hand􏰂washing

  • 􏰄Morning drop-off 􏰂wellness checks