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Graduation Day
Our Community

Glyndon United Methodist School is a traditional and affordable part-time preschool that follows a September through May school year. Every child at GUMS is loved and welcomed as one of God's magnificent masterpieces!

Surrounding our children are our teachers, parents, and church support who work in partnership to create a nurturing and thriving preschool.


Our community is comprised of three parts:

  1. Our collaborative teaching staff with its high quality program,

  2. Our parents who take an active role in enrichment, fundraising, and general support through our co-op inspired organization,

  3. Our church support and board leadership who provide our physical space and oversee the development of our school.

The Community-Centered Model

Fostering Community in Classrooms:

Alongside academics, school readiness, and individual development, our children learn how to be part of a community. Children are encouraged to make choices and are guided through problem solving in social situations. These foundational skills teach children to love others, develop friendships, and learn together.

Individualized learning in Community

Our children are at the heart of our community! Focusing on the whole child, our teachers create a safe environment where children are seen as unique and important individuals.

"In a world that wants to rush our children, Glyndon United Methodist School provides the perfect blend of respecting the beauty and pace of childhood, while still preparing our children for school. Play, fun, building rapport with teachers and classmates, and learning all go hand-in-hand to provide a beautiful Christian preschool experience.” - Mrs. O, Parent 2015